Serena High School/Middle School

Serena Community School. (Serena CUSD #2 photo)

LaSalle County Court records show that Serena Supt. Spencer Byrd filed a motion to dismiss an order of protection request on Wednesday that had been filed earlier this month against Serena High School/Middle School Principal Aaron Rios.

Court records show the case has now been closed. The stalking no contact order had been scheduled for a hearing in front of Judge Karen Eiten on December 6th to determine whether the order should be granted.

The court filing additionally shows Attorney Julie Ajster filed as representation on behalf of Rios and that a subpoena had been issued to Supt. Jonathan Green for some sort of requested information from Meridian CUSD #101. Meridian school district in downstate Mounds, Illinois is the previous school district Byrd was employed in as Supt. before he became superintendent in Serena CUSD #2 in 2018.

WSPY has reached out to Supt. Byrd for further comment.

As WSPY previously reported, Byrd filed for an order of protection against Rios earlier this month after Rios was placed on administrative leave and was removed from school grounds on November 15th by the LaSalle County Sheriff's Office.

Sheridan Police Chief Chuck Bergeron told WSPY that he was at Serena High School, arranging for pending D.A.R.E classes when he reported to Supt. Byrd and Asst. Principal Ann Hoffman of an alleged "disturbing and suspicious" statement by Rios allegedly regarding Byrd and requested they contact the LaSalle County Sheriff's Office.

No criminal charges have been filed against Rios.

Several parents and district members showed up to the district's school board meeting, last week, asking for transparency from the district, upset they were not notified that the incident did not involve a threat to student safety.

Earlier this week, some groups of students walked out of school for periods of the day in support of Rios. WSPY has been contacted by multiple sources that claim Byrd had previously been placed on leave November 4th and returned on November 11th. However, officials with the Serena School Board have declined comment and have also not commented further on Rios being placed on leave.

The board issued a statement following last week's meeting that the safety of students was not, and is not at risk and they stated they would, "strive to maintain better and more timely communications regarding matters affecting our schools and the safety of our students."