Serena High School/Middle School

Serena Community School. (Serena CUSD #2 photo)

LaSalle County Court records show that the superintendent of Serena CUSD #2 schools has filed a request with LaSalle Co. Court for an order of protection against the principal of Serena High School and Middle School, who has been placed on administrative leave.

According to court records, Supt. Spencer Byrd filed the request for the order of protection on Friday against Principal Aaron Rios. What exactly occurred at this point remains unknown, but law enforcement were called to the school on Friday.

Sheridan Police Chief Chuck Bergeron told WSPY on Tuesday morning that he was at Serena High School on Friday, arranging for pending D.A.R.E classes when he reported to Supt. Byrd and Asst. Principal Ann Hoffman of a "disturbing and suspicious" incident regarding Rios involving Byrd and requested they contact the LaSalle Co. Sheriff's Office.

LaSalle Co. Undersheriff Mike Renner says that LaSalle County Sheriff's deputies were first contacted around 10:00 a.m. on Friday and removed Rios from the school property, in the 2200 block of N. 3812nd Rd., when he arrived back to the school later in the afternoon.

No criminal charges have been filed against Rios at this point, according to court records and law enforcement officials.

Supt. Byrd respectfully declined comment on the matter, on advice from his attorney.

Serena Board of Education President Renee Thompson declined comment Thursday, on advice of district attorneys.

Principal Rios has not responded for a request for comment from WSPY News on the matter.

Byrd has been superintendent of Serena schools since June of 2018, when he was appointed to the position. Rios has also been Principal of Serena High School since June of 2018 and Principal of Serena Middle School since August of 2017. He previously served as Serena Grade School Principal.

Serena CUSD #2 in LaSalle County consists of students from Serena, Sheridan, Harding, Wedron, Norway and Prairie Center.

Court records indicate a hearing on the filed request for a stalking no contact order of protection will be held on December 6.

An emergency order was denied on Monday but the stalking no contact order will be considered on Dec. 6. 

Judge Karen Eiten will hear the case.