Plano City Hall NEW 2018

(WSPY file photo)

The marijuana debate will continue in the Plano City Council committee of the whole meeting.

Removed from previous draft ordinances is the distance between adult-use cannabis retail stores and facilities such as schools, parks, daycare centers or the library. Two week ago, some aldermen on the Plano City Council disagreed with Mayor Bob Hausler over that setback distance.

Hausler said the distance could be part of Monday’s discussion. The city is proposing special and permit use in various parts of the ordinance. The mayor said the council would review state law for the possible setback distances.  At the previous meeting, Hausler said he would seek a compromise.

For the distance, Hausler sought 1,000 feet while some aldermen desired 500 feet.  They cited the goal of filling in existing vacant business buildings. The Plano Plan Commission advised for a longer distance than the Hausler or aldermanic options.  

In the tentative ordinance, Plano is limiting the number of retail sites to two and a distance of 1,500 feet between them.  New in the draft is allowing various marijuana facilities such as cultivation centers in other districts including B-4 and B-5 zones.

For retail sales, the measure now includes locations in the Business 4 and 5, Manufacturing 1 and 2 zoning districts and as a special use in the B-3 district. Before it would have been allowed only in the B-5 area.

In other city council agenda items, the Plano City Council will vote on the $38,000 sale of Bill Street to DLT Properties, LLC.  The parcel is north of Main Street and south of an alley running east-west of North Street. The sale document shows limited vehicular traffic and entrance-exit for an east side loading dock.

Elsewhere, a new tax levy and six tax abatements will be up for a vote.

On the committee of the whole agenda, discussion on the final plate for Gjovik Ford is scheduled. Construction has begun for that facility on Route 34 near Mitchell Drive.