Collage:  Dave Guritz, Matt Kellogg and Colleen Callahan

(L to R):  Kendall County Forest Preserve Director David Guritz, forest preserve commissioner Matt Kellogg and Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources Director Colleen Callahan. (Guritz and Kellogg photos for by James Wyman); Callahan photo provided)

The Hoover Forest Preserve's gates are now open on the weekends.

Kendall County Forest Preserve District Director David Guritz said at Tuesday's meeting that the re-opening of Silver Springs State Park in Plano on May 1 resulted in Hoover's gates being re-opened to weekend patrons.

Hoover Forest Preserve was never completely closed during the weekends, but the gates were locked.

The gates closed at Hoover on April 25 because of large groups congregating in the Hoover parking lot on weekends.

At Tuesday's forest preserve meeting, Guritz was asked about Hoover's gates being re-opened on the weekends.

Forest preserve commissioner Matt Kellogg asked Guritz what happens if large groups congregate at the county's forest preserves.

Guritz said that he has instructed forest preserve employees to call him if they see a problem.

Kellogg wants Guritz to go one step further.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Director Colleen Callahan explained why the re-opening of Silver Springs was not made more public.

IDNR Director Callahan said she was not aware of the problems with large crowds congregating at Hoover because of the Silver Springs closure.

Callahan was asked about the status of Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby. 

According to the IDNR web site, concessions at Silver Springs are closed.  The youth campground is closed to camping, but the privy is open, and there is no turkey hunting allowed.

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