Oswego High School New

(Oswego SD308 photo)

Some students did not attend school on Tuesday at Oswego High School after threatening messages were found on bathroom walls in connection with Tuesday's date. 

As WSPY reported last week and late last month, Oswego High School Principal Mike Wayne said in a statement sent to parents that one of the sets of writing found read, "10/9/18 you got the wrong guy." 

This followed the arrest of a 16 year-old Montgomery juvenile on a felony Disorderly Conduct charge in connection with threats that were found written on two bathroom walls at the high school in late September. 

In an email to parents on Tuesday, Wayne said that some families made the decision to keep students home from school because of a message. 

Wayne also said that students' absences would be excused but that students would be responsible for working with their teachers to make up any missed work and class activities. 

The statement continued saying that the district throughout the investigation has been working closely with Oswego Police to keep students safe. 

Extra police presence and administrative surveillance is also in the building. 

Wayne says that officials are, "confident that our school remains a safe place of learning."