Karen Cribben

(WLBK photo)

A Somonauk woman is taking her husband’s old spot on the DeKalb County Board.

The county board on Wednesday night approved the Republican Central Committee’s appointment of Karen Cribben to the vacant District 11 seat.

The district represents a large part of southern DeKalb County, including Maple Park, Waterman, Hinckley and parts of Somonauk and Cortland. The seat has been vacant since her husband, Dan Cribben, resigned after seven years on the board to take an appointment to the county’s board of review. '

Karen Cribben says her husband played a role in her decision to seek the seat.

Cribben worked for 12 years for DeKalb County in the assessor’s office, where she was the chief deputy. She says the board appointment will allow her to keep serving people.

County board member and Republican Central Committee Chair Tim Bagby says the party’s committee people in District 11 interviewed a couple of candidates before selecting Cribben.

And Bagby says Cribben has a head start on knowing how the board works.

Bagby notes appointments like Cribben’s have become more common. He says ten of the county board’s 24 members started their time on the board as an appointee.