Pamela Wright and Tori Artman

(Left to Right) Pamela Wright and Tori Artman booking photos (LaSalle County Jail photos)

The two LaSalle County Deputy auditors who had again called for a special prosecutor in their criminal cases have withdrawn the motions.

LaSalle County Court records indicate Tony Martin, counsel for Tori Artman of Mendota and Pamela Wright of Ottawa, withdrew the motion on Monday meaning LaSalle County State's Attorney Karen Donnelly and First Asst State's Attorney George Mueller will remain the prosecutors.

Wright and Artman are accused of allegedly accepting overtime pay that was not earned. Artman allegedly received $1,358 and Wright received $1,672 in overtime pay that did not qualify for overtime compensation. The alleged theft occurred over a period of 11 months.

The unexpected move on Monday also means trial setting will move forward for June and July.

As WSPY reported last week, the deputy auditors and LaSalle County Auditor Jody Wilkinson of rural Sandwich have their own quarrels with the county itself and could pursue further litigation.

In a 14-10 vote on Thursday, the LaSalle County Board voted to suspend the two criminally charged deputy auditors without pay.

Wilkinson, facing an 11-count indictment for her alleged role in the theft and misconduct, has filed a complaint against LaSalle County seeking a preliminary injunction and declaratory judgement arguing that the LaSalle County Board did not have the right to remove her or the two charged deputy auditors from the office.