Chester Weger

Chester Weger (Illinois Department of Corrections photo)

The man deemed the "Starved Rock murderer" will be released from prison next week on parole, following a delay that will not be continued by the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

As WSPY has previously reported, in November, Chester Weger was paroled in a 9-4 vote by the Illinois Prisoner Review Board in Springfield. He had served nearly six decades of a natural life sentence for the murder of one of three women at Starved Rock State Park in 1960.

Weger, now 81, has maintained his innocence since his conviction and his case has been the subject of debate for decades by those who sustain his ruling and others who believe he was coerced into a confession.

In November, Weger's sister, reminded the board.  

Others, like LaSalle County State's Attorney Karen Donnelly chastised the board's decision. And while, the coverage from the hearing concluded, Weger's parole was held up.

WSPY previously reported that, according to Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul's office, the AG pushed for an evaluation under the Illinois Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act that requires a person with a mental disorder who is found probable to commit acts of sexual violence be involuntarily committed.

A 90-day stay was granted.

However, the AG's office announced this week that Weger's case did not meet the criteria and that their office will not file a court petition, which could have held up the release even longer and would have transferred Weger to the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Weger is set to be released next Friday, February 21st. He was approved by the board to stay at St. Leonard’s House, a supportive services facility in Chicago.