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Oswego Police say another Disorderly Conduct arrest has been made in Oswego SD308 involving writing found on a bathroom wall.

Police say this incident occurred at Plank Jr. High School on Wednesday and a 14 year-old male student from Montgomery was arrested on a Disorderly Conduct charge in connection with the writing.

The teen was taken into custody around 12:15 p.m. and was transported to the Oswego Police Department where he was processed and later released to parents with an upcoming court date.

Plank Jr. High School Principal Tyler Haymond said in a statement to parents that school officials were notified by a parent that saw a photo sent to their child’s Snapchat account of threatening writing in a bathroom.

The statement in the bathroom said, "school shooting here on November, 18." The date is a Sunday and Haymond said the statement did not include any names.

Haymond said the Snapchat photo was apparently taken and shared between students.

The student who was arrested allegedly admitted to being responsible for the writing and claimed no harm was intended, according to Haymond.

In recent weeks, Oswego High School has had two instances and an arrest made in connection with writing found on bathroom walls at that school.

According to a release, police learned that the writing on the wall in Wednesday's incident at Plank was seen by students several hours prior to being reported. Police ask that suspicious circumstances and criminal activity be reported promptly to authorities.

Haymond asked parents to talk with students about the importance of notifying an adult at school immediately if they see or hear anything that is concerning or could cause harm to others.

He also asked parent to discuss the seriousness of making threats.

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