While counting blessings at Thanksgiving, below the table, a dog was thankful for one Sandwich woman. Just imagine.

This is Haley Crugier, who rescues and foster senior citizen-aged dogs.

The dogs are thankful because of their previous life. Nine dogs were found downstate and three rescued.

There are the ill and elderly dogs, stories that will break your heart like Harry, a lapsa apso.

Haley doesn’t forget Wallace.

Then there was Addie, a Corgi mix, that Haley sheltered for just two nights, with a good outcome.

Haley has an affection.

She has special help.

These traumatized, or health-wearied, and older dogs really show their appreciation to Haley.

Haley Crugier has fostered 35 dogs and cats over the last two-and-a-half years, adopting eight, which sadly most have passed on because they arrived at 16 or 17 years old.  

But because of Haley they lived a better, loving life in their golden years.

To learn more, foster a dog, or contribute financially, go to their website Newman Nation: Senior Pets United. Financial assistance helps Newman Nation provides rescue supplies, veterinary services, medical and food needs.

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