(Photo provided by Eric Schaaf)

Trophy sized fish are lurking in the Fox River.

Dropping a line into the Fox River, Eric Schaff of Sugar Grove counts on one thing, a nibble.

In late October, Schaaf was kayaking and fishing on the Fox River between Montgomery and Oswego.  

On the end of his fishing line, another catch, probably a small mouth bass.

Except this one was a monster, all 43 inches in length.

A slender, toothy muskie...think of it as the shark of the Fox River.

Called the “fish of 10,000 casts,” because of the difficulty of hauling in these sneaky predators, Schaff  describes why.

For 20 years he has been fishing the Fox River, but this year he has caught 11 muskies in the Fox River since May.  

Now the Fox River has recovered from its polluted days in the 1960s.  Bald Eagles soar above, bass has returned, clams continue to thrive, all indicators of a healthy river.

In single outings in May and August, he caught two muskies each time, the locations North Aurora, Batavia and Yorkville.

Schaff has a hard time explaining his success.

When that lure moves through the water, a slight spray breaking the surface, on the other end of the line will be Eric Schaaf holding tight with a fighting muskie hooked on the other end.

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