DeKalb County Health Dept. Executive Director Lisa Gonzalez

DeKalb County Health Dept. Executive Director Lisa Gonzalez (Photo provided)

UPDATE 3/26/20 AT 3:00 P.M. 

Our sister station WLBK reports that DeKalb County has a fourth confirmed case of COVID-19.

The DeKalb County Health Department says, Thursday, the single new case in the county is a person in their 30s.

Like the previous cases, the health department says federal private law bar given any more information on the case.

On Wednesday, the second and third cases were confirmed, and NIU reported two students with confirmed cases.

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases grows in DeKalb County, the head of the DeKalb County Health Department says more coronavirus activity can be expected soon, so keep taking precautions.

NIU officials say one of the students is one of the county’s new cases, putting the DeKalb County total at three. And, according to DeKalb County Health Department Administrator Lisa Gonzalez, that number can be expected to rise.

The second and third county cases are a person in their 20s and another in their 50s. NIU President Lisa Freeman says one of the students with a confirmed case was last on campus on Monday and had very little contact with others while briefly at Montgomery Hall. The building houses the biology department.

The other student hasn’t been on campus since March 3 but recently was traveling with a small group of fellow students. With more coronavirus activity being seen, Gonzalez says it can be assumed the virus is in the community.

Most COVID-19 deaths in the state have been seen in people over 60, and the DeKalb County cases range in age from their 20s to their 50s. Gonzalez says that shows coronavirus doesn’t discriminate based on age.

Some people would like more information related to the confirmed cases to be released to the public, but Gonzalez explains that can’t be done.

NIU President Freeman says the two students identified at NIU are in self-isolation and won’t be allowed to return to the university until their cleared by public health authorities.