Officials with the Village of Sugar Grove released the results of an electronic survey issued to residents seeking input on whether or not cannabis businesses should be allowed to be located in the village come Jan. 1, 2020 on Friday.

The survey was issued to 1,648 resident utility customers on Aug. 30 and 704 total responses were collected on Sept. 6. The village was seeking feedback on whether or not residents oppose recreational dispensaries and whether or not they oppose medical dispensaries.

Regarding recreational dispensaries, 44.9% of those surveyed oppose and 42.6% support with 12.5% being neutral.

Of those who opposed, 36.1% say that they strongly oppose. Within the support category, 28.9% surveyed say they strongly support the presence of recreational dispensaries.

Among those who responded regarding medical dispensaries, 55.4% respondents were in support while 32% were opposed; 12.5% were neutral.

In addition, village staff received input via email or in person from eight additional residents regarding recreational cannabis sales; seven indicated support, while one was against.

Those who were in favor of recreational sales in the village cited the additional tax revenue that would be generated as the reason for their support.

Many respondents also indicated that their support was conditional on zoning concerns, and said that the number of cannabis establishments in the village should be limited.

Comments in opposition raised concerns that dispensaries may harm the "small town" feel of the community and impact the quality of life and home values.

Others indicated that the presence of dispensaries may cause unwanted traffic in the village and an increase in accidents while driving under the influence.

It is not clear at this time if the Village of Sugar Grove will allow the sale of cannabis. WSPY spoke with Village President Sean Michels in August about the board's thoughts on the topic.

Survey respondents who indicated that they were neutral on the topic of recreational dispensaries indicated that they felt the village should wait and see how businesses far in other municipalities before making a decision.