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(US National Weather Service Chicago photo)

As the dog days of summer continue this week, some more rainfall could show up and bring cooler temperatures Thursday, warming back up again into the weekend and next week.

As Meteorologist Mike Spiel is reporting on the forecast, Tuesday continues to be partly sunny and warm with a high of 87 degrees.

Some haze is still in the sky around the WSPY listening area. As WSPY reported on Monday, that milkiness you can see in the sky along and north of I-80 is haze due to Canadian wildfires.

By Tuesday night, some scattered showers and storms move into the forecast towards dawn on Wednesday.

Look for a high of 88 on Wednesday with muggy conditions followed by scattered showers and storms in the morning, late afternoon and early Wednesday night. The National Weather Service says there is a possible for a few strong storms on Wednesday.

By Thursday, cooler conditions are in the area with a high of 80. Friday is a little warmer with a high of 84 and during the weekend, temperatures begin to rise into next week when there could be high's into the 90's.

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