Water Tower Plano

(WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

When Plano City Council Alderman Ben Eaton wanted answers at Monday’s meeting, he turned to Nate Bullard, the Public Works Director for Plano.

As WSPY reported, Eaton contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding investigation into water billing which he says remains.

Plano Mayor Bob Hausler read a statement on Monday arguing the FBI has found no wrong doing.

An FBI spokesperson, on Tuesday, told WSPY they do not comment on investigations if they have occurred or not and declined any further comment regarding the statements made at Plano's meeting.

Meanwhile, Alderman Eaton is seeking reasons surrounding why Plano had a high loss of water at 21%, then a drop to 7%. This was the exchange between Eaton and Bullard.

Bullard continued.

But Eaton continued with his questioning to Bullard.

Eaton is chairman of the city council’s streets and utilities committee. After the meeting, Mayor Hausler weighed in on Eaton’s issues with the city water department.  

Hausler gave further reasons for the possible increase in water pumping and then the drop.

In the past year, Bullard says has been a gradual changeover to new water meters would result in increased revenue and less water loss because several old meters had failures, especially in commercial areas.

Eaton says he wants to see the documented revenue increases from the decrease in water pumped.