Collage:  Com Ed's George Gaulrapp, Sandwich alderman Fred Kreinbrink and Utility Poles on N. Castle St.

The Sandwich City Council heard from Commonwealth Edison's George Gaulrapp (top left) at the Feb. 3 meeting.  Alderman Fred Kreinbrink (lower left) wants to know when Com Ed is going to replace the bad utility poles throughout Sandwich. The photo on the right shows a Com Ed pole on the left and a MetroNet pole on the right.  MetroNet put up its own temporary poles during the installation of cables in Sandwich. ( photos by James Wyman)

Alderman Fred Kreinbrink wants Commonwealth Edison to replace its bad utility poles in Sandwich.

MetroNet installed its cable, phone and internet lines last summer, and the utility had to erect temporary utility poles next to the Com Ed poles during the installation because of the deterioration of the Com Ed poles.

At the Feb. 3 meeting aderman Kreinbrink told Com Ed. External Affairs Manager George Gaulrapp that the problem needs attention.

Gaulrapp told Kreinbrink that Com Ed is working on removing the old poles.

Alderman Kreinbrink expressed his concern about poles on Latham St.

Gaulrapp said he will get timely reports together and return to speak to the council.

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