Minick fotojet

(Top left; L to R) Attorney Hope Nickel, Kendall County First Asst. State's Attorney Mark Shlifka. (Top right) Kaitlin Minick. (Bottom) Accident scene photo. (Top left photo; photo by Tyler Bachman; Top right and bottom photos; Kendall County Sheriff's Office photos)

The case of a Yorkville woman who allegedly struck a hayrack full of passengers last October while driving under the influence, had her case move forward on Thursday in Kendall County Court. 

Kendall County Court records show that a Kendall County Grand Jury formally indicted Kaitlin Minick of E. Main St., last Tuesday, May 12th. She was indicted on seven counts of Aggravated DUI -- which includes an additional count filed last week. 

Minick's case, like numerous others, was delayed because of reductions to the court schedule, due to COVID-19. 

On Thursday, Judge Jody Gleason set Minick's felony case for an arraignment hearing on June 24th at 11:00 a.m.

Minick was not present in court on Thursday, though, an attorney on behalf of her felony case, Hope Nickel, was present. 

Minick additionally had received two traffic citations and Kendall County First Asst. State's Attorney Mark Shlifka noted to Judge Gleason that Minick, nor her attorney were present to defend those alleged offenses. 

Nickel said her office would let Johnson's office know of the continuance to the same date, as it was likely he did not know of Thursday's hearing, because all of the cases were consolidated amid changes, due to the pandemic.  

In regard to the felony case, WSPY has previously reported that a laboratory report and a supplemental report from the Kendall County Sheriff's Office indicated that Cocaine metabolite or metabolites were detected in urine test results for Minick. 

The sheriff's office announced last year that Minick was determined to be operating the vehicle that struck the rear of a hayrack trailer that was carrying several people, towed by a tractor in October of 2019.

The collision occurred on River Rd., between Blackhawk Rd. and Fox River Dr. around 5:37 p.m. on October 12th.

Minick was driving west on River Rd., when her vehicle struck the back of the westbound hayrack trailer carrying a total of 14 adult passengers. Eleven passengers were transported to local area hospitals for treatment of varying degrees of injuries.

Minick was originally cited for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident. She was also later cited for Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

In late February, six Aggravated DUI charges were filed, prior to the seventh filed, last week. The charges have been in connection with people who sustained injuries from the crash. 

Minick is also facing a civil suit. This past March, the tractor driver who was operating the hayride, Gary Sleezer of Plano, was found guilty an Improper Farm Tractor Operation. 

He was sentenced to 30 hours of community service and one year of court supervision.