Yorkville Alderman Joel Frieders 2018 city photo

Yorkville Ward 3 Alderman Joel Frieders (United City of Yorkville photo)

A proclamation for National Suicide Prevention and Action Month was read Tuesday night on World Suicide Prevention Day, at the Yorkville City Council meeting by Yorkville Mayor John Purcell.

The timing of the annual proclamation adoption was fitting for the city of Yorkville, where two years ago, Yorkville alderman Joel Frieders started a suicide prevention awareness project, remembering the loss of friends who completed suicide and to establish a fight against the stigma of not talking about suicide.

Since the project began two years ago, Frieders has since gone to work with a non-profit "Hope for the Day," furthering talks about suicide and that, "it's ok not to be ok."

Frieders told the council that this year, members of the organization sat down Tuesday with about half of the Yorkville Police force at city hall to discuss proactive mental health and suicide prevention for both citizens they encounter and mental health care for themselves.

Frieders said the outcome of the conversation was, "incredibly positive."

Frieders says the rest of YPD will be taking part in the training, next week. He added that it's often easier to tuck depressing thoughts away but that talking about suicide is a conversation that needs to continue.