Yorkville Police Chief Rich Hart

Yorkville Police Chief Rich Hart (File photo; WSPYnews.com photo by Tyler Bachman)

At their meeting earlier this week, Yorkville aldermen unanimously approved use agreements for Yorkville Police officers to use a firing range and defense tactics room at the new Oswego Police station on Woolley Rd.

Yorkville Deputy Police Chief Ray Mikolasek said in a memo that Yorkville Police do not currently have a training location to do defense tactics training with officers.

Mikolasek also said that the Kendall County Sheriff's Office has asked Yorkville Police to, "use alternative ranges when possible to reduce the noise at the BNSF range and to help them alleviate the concerns of residents in that area."

As WSPY has previously reported, some residents near the range on Route 71 went before the Kendall County Board with noise concerns.

Yorkville Police Chief Rich Hart told council that the agreement for the range at Oswego PD is fairly standard.

The city of Plano discussed a similar agreement for Plano Police officers in recent weeks.

The council also unanimously approved the agreement for the defense tactics room. Chief Hart said Yorkville previously had an agreement with Oswego Police to use a room at old Oswego Police Department.

In other items, aldermen also reviewed an amendment to their tobacco code to comply with new state law that raises the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and other nicotine products to 21.

The new law goes into effect on July 1st. City Administrator Bart Olson spoke about some of the local updates to the tobacco code that will align with the state law.

Alderman Daniel Transier asked whether Olson's office received any feedback from any retailers about having to renew their applications annually. Olson said they did not but that there is great overlap between tobacco and liquor licenses and that city officials did not feel that an additional $5 fee would be an issue.

Aldermen approved the amendment unanimously.

Alderman Joe Plocher was absent from the meeting.