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(L to R) Alderman Joel Frieders, Alderman Chris Funkhouser, Resident Rick Yenen. (WSPYnews.com photos by Tyler Bachman)

Yorkville aldermen are asking for some changes to the proposals made for zoning of adult-use cannabis dispensaries and related businesses.

The Yorkville City Council discussed those measures at their meeting on Tuesday night. In addition to deciding outright, whether or not to allow sales, municipalities can address restrictions, such as zoning in relation to schools, parks, daycares, and religious institutions, among others.  

City staff is recommending in addition to M-1 Manufacturing zoning, A-1 Agricultural, B-3 General Business, and M-2 General Manufacturing for varying related business types.

Setbacks from their original proposed amounts are also being paired down for the drafted text amendment.

In regard to dispensaries, a consensus of aldermen who spoke agreed that some of the proposals felt too restrictive. Ward 3 Alderman Joel Frieders advocated for B-3 zoning to be included, essentially to allow businesses to occupy existing development.

Ward 3 Alderman Chris Funkhouser said he'd like setback distances from properties considered sensitive to be less. Staff proposed cultivation centers at 2,500 feet and dispensaries at 1,000 foot setbacks.

A consensus of aldermen concurred with those guidelines for a draft to be voted on. A couple of aldermen also advocated to make four licenses available for each type of license, though, Mayor John Purcell declined and asked it be brought forth in the future if there is interest.

Similar to the previous meeting, a resident spoke at Tuesday's meeting in opposition of Yorkville allowing cannabis sales. This was resident Rick Yenen who cited other regional communities who have chosen to opt out.

Yorkville aldermen will make their vote to opt in or not with a vote on the text amendment. To this point, one alderman, Seaver Tarulis has indicated he will not be in favor. Alderman Funkhouser also said he has not made a decision on if he'll vote to approve sales.

At the earliest, a vote is expected in November.