YCC 11 26 19

The Yorkville City Council at their meeting on November 26th, 2019. (WSPYnews.com photo by Tyler Bachman)

Several local communities are planning to continue lobbying efforts in Springfield and Yorkville made it official at their meeting last week in a unanimous vote.

As WSPY previously reported, Yorkville, Oswego and now Montgomery are planning to join together in an intergovernmental agreement to share a lobbyist in the coming year to advocate for a Kendall County Metra Extension and this year, beginning to secure resources for a regional long term water supply.

Ahead of the vote at last week's meeting, Yorkville alderman Joel Frieders said he was glad to see that city staff recommended the lobbyist focus efforts on the water supply, as there is not as much to do regarding the Metra extension this year.

Yorkville, Montgomery and Oswego are all working through plans to determine whether deep aquifers in the Fox River or tapping onto Lake Michigan's water supply for a long-term source would be the best option. The determination will be a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort.  

In regard to Metra, Yorkville City Administrator Bart Olson said that staff felt continuing to advocate for the extension this year is important, as  other entities in the region are continuing to try to re-purpose the region’s capital bill funds for the Kendall County Metra extension away from Kendall County.

As WSPY previously reported, the Sugar Grove Village Board and the Kane County Board both passed resolutions, earlier this year calling for a reallocation of funds, either into the current network or to Sugar Grove.

As a part of the state capital plan, Illinois has allocated $100 million toward a Kendall County Metra extension. Kendall County does not currently pay a tax to the Regional Transportation Authority -- a main argument from advocates to divert funds, who say their residents have already paid an RTA tax for years.

The first of two open houses to discuss the extension takes place this afternoon at the Plano Community Library. The second takes place tomorrow at Oswego Village Hall. Both events are from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Last week's approval at Yorkville Council OK's an engagement letter and intergovernmental agreement with firm Kasper and Nottage. If Montgomery and Oswego both sign off on the agreement, the $7,000 gross monthly cost will be paid three ways.

In other items, aldermen tabled approving a boundary line agreement with the city of Plano as the two communities continue to work through different items regarding lands on the boundary line. The item will come back before the Yorkville City Council at their first meeting in January.