Yorkville aldermen will be holding a special city council meeting this Saturday, as they do every year, to discuss city goals established in October of 2017.

Council will be re-ranking goals and discussing the previous year's goals. According to a memo to aldermen by City Administrator Bart Olson, the city council prioritized approximately 20 goal categories last year.

Those categories range from Manufacturing and Industrial to development on the city's southside, riverfront, downtown and long term water supply.

Aldermen were allowed to vote for their top 10 goals using a 10-point scale at last year's meeting and will again this year.  

City staff is requesting feedback on individual action plans for each goal, a discussion of any new goals and re-ranking of all goals.

The special city council meeting is being held at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday in the Yorkville City Hall Conference room.