Mill Rd., Kennedy Rd. and Galena Rd.

Kendall County Highway Engineer Fran Klaas says a feasibility study should shed more light on whether a roundabout would be recommended for construction to adjoin Mill Rd., Kennedy Rd. and Galena Rd. As different property is owned by county and the city of Yorkville, the two governments could join together for needed repairs to Mill Rd. if both decide to work together. (Google image)

As part of a fix for a crumbling roadway in Yorkville, city and Kendall County officials could consider jointly constructing a roundabout to better traffic flow.

A potential roundabout for Galena, Kennedy and Mill Roads was discussed Tuesday night at the Yorkville City Council's Public Works Committee meeting. This is City Administrator Bart Olson.

As WSPY reported last week, Yorkville and Kendall County may consider an intergovernmental agreement to repair Mill Rd., which has essentially been stalled to interim improvements while the city awaits an amended annexation agreement from Grande Reserve developers.

The overall improvement project will total over $3 million, paid through the developer. With the agreement in limbo, short-term patching will cost the city $30,000 to $40,000 and a resurfacing would be $100,000 to $150,000.

Kendall County Highway Engineer Fran Klaas told the committee that through an agreement, the county highway department could potentially undertake the design and engineering for the needed re-paving. Klaas says a county study already in place favors a roundabout for efficiency at Kennedy and Galena.

The study also favors a traffic signal at Kennedy and Galena, regardless of whether a roundabout is chosen.

Klaas says the county is only interested in the roundabout if it is found to be a long-term solution for all three roads. The feasibility study, not to exceed $20,000, should take about two months.

Alderman Ken Koch, who attended a county committee meeting last week on the city's behalf, says discussions centered around mirroring other area roundabouts.

A current proposal, once fully re-done and if the city were to proceed without a roundabout, would swing Mill Rd. south to nearby baseball fields. That was mentioned as a concern by a couple of county board members at their meeting on Tuesday.

The county is essentially asking that the city temporarily hold off on improvements to await the study results. The committee agreed to continue working through the process with the county.