Yorkville Public Works Director Eric Dhuse

Yorkville Public Works Director Eric Dhuse (WSPYnews.com photo by Tyler Bachman)

The city of Yorkville is introducing a new chemical during the flushing of the city's water system in an effort to provide better quality water to all consumers. 

At this week's Yorkville City Council meeting, aldermen unanimously approved a supply and purchase engineering agreement to add "Ora-cle" which council documents indicate is, "a chemical that helps in balancing the ammonia, ammonium and chlorine in water."

Yorkville Public Works Director Eric Dhuse says in a memo that the city flushes many dead end water mains and low use areas routinely to ensure fresh, chlorinated water to residents that live in these areas.

Dhuse says when the city does this, it is found that the areas closest to the water treatment plants can experience a higher chlorine level which affects taste and odor of the water.

Dhuse and Mayor John Purcell spoke about the implementation that will be used at the city's water treatment plants.

Dhuse reiterated that the chemical is only used during flushing and should help balance out levels throughout the city. Alderman Jason Peterson asked that Dhuse explain further so that residents don't think adding the chemical is a negative.

Dhuse says the chemical is additionally approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the IEPA. Council documents also indicate that the product is already widely used by other communities in Northeastern Illinois with success to achieve the same purpose.

Alderman Joe Plocher, who is a a foreman and contractor, said he's seen the success.

Alderman Ken Koch that the city issue public relations material to inform residents about flushing.

In other items, aldermen approved a revision to the city employee policy regarding nepotism. Staff is currently reviewing the Employee Manual in its entirety but are first cleaning up sections that are out of compliance.

A change to come into compliance includes "nieces and nephews" of department heads, elected officials and paid appointed officers as being prohibited from being hired. Issues will be addressed on a case by case basis.