Yorkville #115 New Logo #2

The Yorkville School District #115 Board of Education is expected to vote Monday in preparation of hiring two "Safe School Security Supervisors" with more to potentially be hired in the future.

School board documents indicate the positions would be hired for the current 2019-2020 school year, to, "work closely with the District 115 administration, faculty and staff, emergency management team, and local first responders to assess the current protocols for safety/security across the district, and to facilitate the training's of Run/Hide/Fight (emergency protocol)."

Documents for Monday's meeting don't indicate the actual hires or pay grade yet, still to be determined. Last year, the idea came up during forums on safe schools and active intruder talks to pursue the possibility of hiring more police and/or retired officers. Requirements include being a current full-time police officer or a retired officer in addition to other qualifications like firearms requirements.

Yorkville #115 Supt. Dr. Tim Shimp spoke with WSPY in March as the idea was going through committee. He said at the time that much of his research into the idea centered around schools in the Florida county where the Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting took place in February of 2018.

According to board documents, administration seeks to increase security personnel at the K-8 level, and to provide increased support across the district related to areas of supervision, emergency management and training, proactive educational opportunities and communications, etc.

The additional personnel would compliment the existing School Resource Officer that is housed at Yorkville High School.

The immediate addition would be for two security supervisors and once they are hired, those individuals would additionally help in creating a second phase of the plan to acquire additional officers to ensure an increased presence across all of the K-8 schools on a regular basis.

On Monday, the board will be presented with the proposed financial impact for the two positions as well as a timeline for hiring and the second phase.