Oswego East High School

(WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

When Kijuana Boulries spoke at the recent Oswego 308 Board of Education Meeting, she brought a national stage topic to a local level.

Boulries said the district is falling behind.

Emailed comments from Tonya Harris and Pamela Hampton were read by Oswego 308 Board President Lauri Doyle.

Later in the meeting, 308 Board Member Toni Morgan spoke about the issue.

The Oswego School District and its board of education is starting to address that topic, forming a diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) committee.  The deadline is September 23rd for residents to apply to serve on the committee. The school board will approve the DEI advisory committee at its October 13th meeting. Board members Ruth Kroger and Toni Morgan co-chair the committee.



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