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Village Trustees Denny Lee and Steve Jungermann (pictured top) question Scott Shelton of Ryan Homes at Monday's meeting. (screenshots from village meeting live stream)

A proposal to build single family homes in the Balmorea Subdivision on Helene Rieder Street was voted down by the Montgomery Village Board Monday. The developer, Ryan Homes, wants to build thirteen buildings each with three bedrooms, a one-car garage, and a driveway. Scott Shelton, with Ryan Homes, says their target buyer for the homes are older people without kids.
Trustee Denny Lee thinks the homes will attract a different type of buyer who could have more than two cars.
Trustee Steve Jungermann says the village already has problem spots where there are too many vehicles parked on the street and wants to avoid another one.
Shelton says he's willing to work with the village to figure out something that works. He says his company has had good results selling similar single family homes at other locations.
The Balmorea Subdivision was planned about fifteen years ago. Many homes were built prior to 2008. Ryan Homes has been buying empty land and building homes in the subdivision.

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