Farnsworth House

Farnsworth House in Plano. (farnsworthhouse.org photo) 

A play written about the Farnsworth House will be staged at the Farnsworth House this Sunday at 4:30. The play will be read from inside the home while the audience watches from the outside. Executive Director Scott Mehaffey says there will be concessions too.

The show is being put on by Lost and Found Productions. Proceeds from ticket sales go to the day-to-day operation of the Farnsworth House and a big restoration project. Mehaffey says the home's lower terrace needs repair.

Mehaffey says the goal is to raise $100,000. The restoration will cost around $500,000, but most of the funds are already lined up through donations. Construction is slated for next year. Tickets for Sunday's show are $25. For more information visit the Farnsworth House website.