Elferno Parking lot

The site of a proposed used car dealership in Plano (WSPYnews.com photo - Mark Harrington)

In two weeks, Plano City Council aldermen are expected to make a decision to allow used car sales on Route 34 downtown.

Some of the same arguments against the location resurfaced Monday night.  

Located at the current El Ferno business, once a former gas station, the rezoning would be Business-3 Permitted Use, which Plano Alderman Scott  Mulliner asked Plano Director of Building, Planning, and Zoning  Tom Karpus for color-enhanced zoning maps. 

Karpus replied.

Plano Alderman Ben Eaton added to the opposition.

Plano Mayor Bob Hausler said the property owner has requested an “up or down “vote from aldermen.  In the past meetings several months ago, the owner told the council he would abide by any city decision.

In the past, aldermen had issues with the number of cars on the lot and the entrance-exit visibility sites.

Elsewhere, the Plano City Council kept a 20-year lease agreement for one dollar per year with the Little Rock Township Highway Department for city-owned vacant property on John Street downtown for a council streets and utilities committee meeting, citing one language change to allow a building housing winter road salt.  It is possible that the lease may move from the committee to the agenda August 10th for a vote.

Finally, the city council is expecting to move back to city hall chambers for its next meeting when plexiglass barriers are installed and social distance locations established.