Community Development Director Rich Young photo - Ethan Kruger

The Village of Montgomery could start a program where restaurants moving into the downtown area could be given up to $200,000 for sprucing up buildings or buying kitchen equipment.

The Mill District Restaurant Stimulus Program is a grant program, so the money won't be paid back to the village. Community Development Director Rich Young says the goal of the program is revitalization.

Young says only serious applicants will be considered. The grant would require the recipient to be in business for at least three years - although the intent is to establish restaurants that will be there for a long time. If a business left town within the three year time frame, the city could recall the grant money. Board Member Doug Maresek wanted to make sure that is there is clear guidance on how much money is passed out.

Young says similar programs by the city have had success.

Board President Matt Brolley called the program a great investment in the downtown. The village board could vote on the program at a later date.

Edit: Added a sentence explaining that the city can recall the grant money if the business violates the grant terms.