Police Lights

Plainfield police say two 14-year-old boys were injured in a car explosion early Tuesday. Police responded to a report of an explosion at Plainfield Central High School and found a Ford Focus fully engulfed in flames. The two boys were nearby.

Police say the boys were out without permission and that one of them took his father's work car. When the two heard a hissing sound they pulled over to investigate. When they left the car, it exploded from the inside. The boy's father said that he did have a tank of acetylne, a gas used for welding, in the car.

One boy had a minor injury on his face and was taken to Amita St. Joseph's in Joliet. The other boy had more serious head injuries and was taken first to Amita St. Joseph's and then to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood for treatment.

Police are continuing to investigate the case.