Water Tower Plano

(WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

Up for approval is a pay raise for an elected official at the Plano City Council meeting Monday night.  

The City Clerk position held by Kathy Miller, also includes the office of collector. Despite the COVID pandemic and reduced state or local sales tax revenue uncertainty, Plano Mayor Bob Hausler told why Miller is getting the raise to $71,758  effective immediately.

Hausler provided the job description of collector.

As for a pay raise during a pandemic, the mayor had this response.

He was asked this question by WSPY News, regarding any department and personnel cuts during the pandemic.

In other agenda items, a vote is scheduled for a used car lot on Route 34, a shared business with the El Ferno business.  A zoning change is proposed to B-3 permitted use.  However the plan has received mixed reviews from eight Plano aldermen.  Some are welcome the additional sales tax dollars and a business opportunity, while others are concerned about the number of autos, the entry-exit sight lines, and the appearance coming into Plano.  

At the 7 p.m. committee of the whole meeting, a presentation will be made on the electrical aggregation program expiring in October.  Plano has participated in the program six of the last eight years.  Agenda info states that the average Plano resident saves between $25 to $200 each year.  Included in the discussion will be the tactics used in Plano by other companies to get customers to switch providers.

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