The details contained in this account of the first 50 years and beyond of the Plano Christmas Classic are believed to be accurate and factual. This compilation was, in some cases, easy to trace and, in other cases, part of a wild goose chase in tracking down the correct scores, names of individuals or schools involved.

I took on the task of researching and compiling the PCC because it has been such a heralded event on WSPY radio (where I have been employed for over 30 years) since our station began in 1974. And because, at the time, we were two years from the 50th anniversary of the PCC and much, if not all of its history, had not been documented and/or preserved. I felt a need to find out who was here and what happened prior to the milestone celebration taking place. My work could not have been done without the diligence of the local and regional newspaper journalists who covered the PCC tournament over the years and chronicled it in their papers.

I would like to thank the Sandwich Public Library District, the Plano Community Library, the Morris Area Public Library, the Reddick Library in Ottawa and the Aurora Public Library, their staffs and volunteers, for their help and assistance where needed in using their archives to gather the information prior to the 50th anniversary event.

A special thanks to Greg Gould of G-Force Labels in Plano for having kept tabs online of the Plano Christmas Tournament brackets and teams during the digital age for good number of years before I started my research, and for sharing that up-to-date information with us so we can continue to chronicle each and every year of the PCC.

The information posted here was accrued by viewing the Kendall County News, the Sandwich Free Press, the Free Press, the Tri-County Today, the Plano Record, the Sandwich Record, the Aurora Beacon News and the Morris Daily Herald News newspapers from the above mentioned libraries.

Without these resources I could not have compiled as much information as is contained here. I hope whomever views the results of the Plano Christmas Classic will have as much fun reminiscing about the teams, players and scores of this Holiday tournament as I did in researching it.

Subsequently, if any errors or new information is found regarding the PCC that is not shown here, it will be corrected or reflected in this account as it becomes available to me.