Last week, delivery orders for 1,323 lunches for medical personnel, first responders and others gave Aurora restaurant Reuland's Food Service a revenue boost while providing a community service during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reuland's owner Brigit Reuland had taken to Facebook on March 26 to say her restaurant had joined Feeding the Frontline, a Boston-based grassroots effort to connect people and restaurants in support of communities.

In her post, Reuland said"This recently born movement allows us to provide meals for our healthcare workers and other first responders, while simultaneously providing our employees the opportunity to continue working under these uncertain conditions. Your donation will cover the cost of making and delivering meals to local hospitals and other first responders. Our cost to make and deliver each meal is $6."

According to Reuland, since last Saturday, 150 lunches were delivered to Aurora Police Department, 67 to Aurora Fire Department, 484 to Rush-Copley Medical Center, Aurora; 539 to Amita Mercy Medical Center, Aurora; 20 to Mutual Ground domestic violence shelter, Aurora; 30 to Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry, Aurora; and 33 to North Aurora Fire Department.

Donations scheduled for next week are 600 for Rush-Copley, 539 for Amita Mercy and 225 for Aurora Police Department.

Reuland said, "People have come together to send food to medical personnel, first responders and others."

Hospital administrators say their employees are too busy to run out for coffee or place delivery orders. John Diederich, president and CEO of Rush Copley, replied on Facebook: "While the ER staff at our two local hospitals are indeed our front line heroes, once patients are triaged through the ER, COVID-19 patients are being treated throughout the two hospitals daily. These meals will be shared with our ICU staff, quarantine inpatient units, repiratory care, imaging, cath lab, laboratory, housekeeping, security, and many more. Please be aware of, and thankful for, the hundreds of employee heroes who bravely come to work each day at both Rush Copley and Amita Mercy to care for our community during these anxious times."

Reuland said donors can specify recipients. Call (630) 859-2877 or email