Oswego High School New

(Oswego SD308 photo)

From parents to board members, the debate continues when to allow 18,000 students to return to Oswego School District 308 schools where remote learning for all is in its third week. 


Parents spoke up during the public comment section. Here are some of their views.

Scheduled for a review and possible decision in two weeks at the September 28th 308 board meeting, Oswego 308 Board Members Bent Lightfoot and Alison Swanson talked about returning students to the classroom. 

Board member Matt Bauman is concerned about special need students, although calling the current remote learning better than last spring. 

Board President Lauri Doyle spoke.

This is 308 board member Toni Morgan.:

Some Chicagoland area school districts have scheduled their decision to return students into classrooms until after the first semester ends, in late December or early January. 


Plans for a return to in-school learning in Oswego and potential start-up dates will be presented at the September 28th meeting. Superintendent Sparlin said that a choice for remote learning for 308 students still will be available.


You can listen to Mark Harrington's radio story here: