Millbrook Bridge Collage

(Left photo):  Millbrook Bridge in winter of 2015. (Right photos) Demolition of bridge by D Construction. (Millbrook Bridge photo by James Wyman; demolition photos for by Christian Landorf)

Kendall County Forest Preserve Director David Guritz spoke last Tuesday about the $330,500 bill from D Construction of Coal City that is still pending for the demolition of the historic Millbrook Bridge over the Fox River at Millbrook.

The demolition of the historic bridge was supposed to be a three-week project, but the bridge came down in one day on August 25, 2020.

The D Construction figure for final contract costs is $330,590, and the forest preserve commissioners have indicated they want more taken off the bill.

D Construction's original bid for the project was $476,783.03.

Guritz spoke Tuesday about a possible swap with the construction company.

Guritz said that one of the projects discussed with D Construction was installing an asphalt road between Meadowhawk Lokdge and the rookery at Hoover Forest Preserve.  Another option would be the improvement of existing multi-use trails at Hoover.

Guritz said that each of the projects would be worth $50,000, which would reduce the bill to $230,590.

Guritz said that asphalt road at Hoover would be the project of choice.

No one was present from the Kendall County Forest Preserve District or from HLR Engineering when the bridge fell into the Fox River last August

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