There were the two major areas of discussion at this week's Montgomery Village Board meeting.  Within a short stretch of Douglas Road in Montgomery near the Kendall County line, the ability of residents to purchase alcohol may have reached the top of the glass. At this week’s Montgomery Village Board meeting, trustee Theresa Sperling told this prospective vacant building buyer from Aurora this:

Here was his reasoning:

In general, the village board was not in favor, also citing a residential neighborhood backing up to the building.

Two previous attempts to sell packaged liquor in that area by other business owners were not approved by the board.

Then came the subject of allowing citizens to raise chickens within Montgomery borders, which had failed in previous years. Three requests have come to the village in the last two weeks.

Trustees Mike Bauman and Steve Jungermann gave their viewpoints on chickens.

Neighboring villages of Oswego and Sugar Grove allow chickens with certain regulations.

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