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City of Highland Park.

The man accused of shooting and killing seven people and injuring many more in an Independence Day shooting is being charged with murder. Police say 21-year-old Bobby Crimo the third, of Highwood, hid on a rooftop and opened fire on a crowd of parade goers. He was caught hours later after slipping away in the chaos of the scene.

The Lake County State's Attorney's Office says that Crimo is facing seven counts of first degree murder. The office says that more charges are forthcoming. Crimo will face a life sentence if convicted.

Police say Crimo had been planning the shooting for weeks.

Illinois State Police say Crimo legally purchased the rifle used in the shooting and had passed background checks on numerous occasions. A news release from state police says that officers were called in 2019 after Crimo had made threats against his family, but no one wanted to file a complaint or take any further action.