At its meeting last Tuesday, the Kendall County Board unanimously approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Village of Millbrook for the county to administer  zoning, building codes, subdivision control, comprehensive planning and storm water management for Millbrook  

And it now looks like there may be an agreement on saving the historic Millbrook Bridge over the Fox River.

The intergovernmental agreement with Millbrook had been tabled twice by the county board, apparently in retaliation for the Millbrook Village Board voting 6-0 in August to not grant the Kendall County Forest Preserve an easement to connect the historic Millbrook Bridge to the forest preserve's trail system.

Forest Preserve President Jeff Wehrli argued that the easement was needed in order to get government grant money to save the historic bridge.

According to Fox Township Supervisor Jim Friedrich, Millbrook Village President Jackie Kowalski recently met with Wehrli and discussed a possible five-year easement to connect the trail with the bridge.        

Frederich says that the forest preserve and Millbrook both want to save the historic Millbrook Bridge.

Friedrich says he first thought the Millbrook Village Board was against saving the bridge.