Parkview Christian Academy

Parkview Christian Academy (Parkview Christian Academy photo) 

Arguments on an emergency order seeking to reverse the revocation of Parkview Christian Academy's state recognition are set for Wednesday in Kendall County Court.

Parkview is suing the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) over its revocation of the school's state recognition. The revocation is in response to Parkview's decision not to enforce a mask mandate for students and staff.

Carlo Colosimo, who represents Parkview, argued during a hearing Thursday that the school's lawsuit is not over masks, but rather whether ISBE acted unlawfully to revoke the school's recognition.

Samantha Grund-Wickramasekera is representing ISBE through the Illinois Attorney General's Office. She says that the issue of masks and the governor's order is central to the case.

The issue came up over the number of pages allowed in the state's response to Parkview's request for an emergency order. Colosimo wanted the the state to be limited to fifteen pages in its response. The state wanted a full 27 pages to respond. Judge Stephen Krentz granted the state's request and gave Parkview till Monday to file its response.

If the judge rules in favor of Parkview and grants a temporary restraining order on the revocation of its status, the school would be allowed to rejoin the IHSA and be eligible for certain grant money offered by the state. No matter what the ruling, Parkview School Board President Jed Davis says there are not plans to begin enforcing the mandatory mask mandate.

A temporary restraining order would allow the school to again be recognized by ISBE until a judge can make a final decision in the lawsuit.

Correction: Corrected the spelling of Judge Krentz from Steven Krentz to Stephen Krentz.