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WSPYnews.com photos by Mark Harrington.

Inside the old-time Corrigan General Store in Platteville, they were ready with one dollar bills for the penny candy tucked in glass jars on the counter.  Except now it was six pieces for a dollar. 

There were these Yorkville kids Kinley and Maizy..

Over the weekend, at Lyons Farm, the Kendall County Historical Society celebrated the area’s heritage with its annual festival, where the 1800s and 1900s surrounded you.  Fall was in the air, enjoyment in every footstep. 

Maizy gazed at the items for sale on shelves, counters, and display cases. Using her imagination, she picked out items for her mom, say a circa 1920 Mother’s Day present. 

Not to be left out, this little boy wanted one thing.

Storekeeper Bev Casey of Millington could not deliver it although she admitted the window sign advertised it. 

Stepping into the Corrigan store was stepping back in time for Ron Benniger. 

The black cast iron bell outside was rung at the 1847 Union School by children. Faded images if one looked hard enough of a one-room schoolhouse at recess, outside the kids playing Aunty-I-Over or a game of Red Rover. 

Bringing in the corn harvest, standing in the cab of a 1922 Case Steam Traction Engine, 13-year old Nicholas shared his view of the day. 

For the last three weekends, there has been The Sandwich Fair, The Big Rock Plow Match, and this autumn celebration Sunday. Up and down the Fox River Valley, life is good.

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