84th District State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit

84th District State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit (D-Oswego) (file photo)

A bill sponsored by Oswego State Representative Stephanie Kifowit that would create a statewide youth advisory council has cleared the Illinois House and is now up for consideration by the Illinois Senate. Kifowit says many legislators have local youth advisory councils to provide feedback on issues facing young people. She wants one for the whole state.

Kifowit says young people have unique perspective that might not already exist in the General Assembly.

The youth advisory council would be made up of twenty members, one from each congressional district in Illinois and two at large members. Members would be between the ages of sixteen and twenty-two.

Anyone interested would apply for a position on the advisory council. A selection committee made up of Illinois lawmakers, appointed by legislative leadership, would then choose members of the youth advisory council.