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An emotional, heated debate popped up when Oswego 308 School Board Member Heather Moyer stood her ground against fellow member Lauri Doyle at its public meeting Monday.

After the discussion of three options for cutting up to $5.8 million in anticipating flat or decreased state evidence-based funding next year, 308 Board President Doyle voiced her opinion.

Those comments were challenged by Moyer.

Toni Morgan, a Yorkville 115 teacher and Oswego 308 board member, threw her support to Doyle’s opinion.

At the meeting, the Oswego 308 School District explored closing one or two school buildings, eliminating all district athletics, activities, and clubs, or reducing the teaching staff by 10 percent to close the multi-million dollar deficit gap. No decision was made. 

You can listen to Mark Harrington's radio news story here: