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Congressman Adam Kinzinger speaks in a video about the Republican Party's Direction.

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger is doubling down on his mission to fix what he thinks are problems within the GOP. Kinzinger recently started his Country First political action committee and says it is gaining steam, and donations. Kinzinger says current events have encouraged him to keep it up.

Kinzinger says he wants to restore dialogue that's focused on improving the country and not simply arguing to get in cheap shots against people with differing political views.

Kinzinger thinks the move away from civil conversation has seeped into the halls of Congress and is hurting democracy.

Kinzinger says he's not too worried about his political future and plans to continue to stay a member of Congress, even with redistricting uncertainty. He says he's not mulling a run for statewide office, but won't rule it out.