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Jeff Freeman of, Engineering Enterprises Inc., talks to the Yorkville City Council about water options. ( photo by Ethan Kruger).

The City of Yorkville has until the end of the year to decide what direction it wants to go for a new water source. The aquifer that currently supplies Yorkville, and other communities like Oswego, Montgomery, and Joliet, is starting to be depleted. Jeff Freeman with Engineering Enterprises Inc., says the city can go with Lake Michigan water, from one of several providers, or possibly install its own water plant that pulls from the Fox River. Freeman says some options might not be available in the future.

Projections show the current aquifer, which spans seven states, will continue to decline unless more communities find a different source of water. The City of Joliet is slated to begin using Lake Michigan water from the City of Chicago soon.

Freeman spoke about it to the Yorkville City Council on Tuesday. Alderman Jason Peterson wanted to know what option Freeman thinks is best. Freeman says, it's not his place to say, but that it depends on what the community's priorities are.

In any case, water bills are likely to go up significantly. Freeman says there will be analysis that shows what an average water bill will look like for all the options before a decision needs to be made. City officials anticipate that there will be an open house, possibly in the fall, to answer questions and get feedback from the public.