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DeKalb County photo.

Over a month after a cyber attack shut down DeKalb County government systems, the county board chairman says things are all up and running now.

Chairman John Frieders says some things are still being ironed out, but for the most part the county's systems are all working. No one has been charged.

In early October, the county became a victim of a ransomware attack that locked up county systems. County officials said no personal information was stolen.

Frieders says there could still be problems that haven't been encountered yet.

Frieders says the county is working to improve security to prevent another similar attack.

Frieders says he's not sure how hackers accessed the county's systems. During the hack, many departments such as the county clerk's office had to shift how they went about county business. County email was not accessible.

Many county services were still available but required people to come to the county offices in person.