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(Pictured left to right) Joe Salsbery and Michelle Walz, Plano Director of Building, Planning and Zoning Tom Karpus, and Alderman Ben Eaton. ( photo by Mark Harrington).

Requests, questions, and demands came from a Plano couple, who are alleged to have constructed an illegal fence on city easement and are now battling legal action by the City of Plano. 

That was Michelle Walz and Joe Salsbery who spoke to the Plano City Council.  

Later the council met in closed session, where it decided to move the issue to a Building, Grounds, and Zoning Committee meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. at city hall.  

But Salsberry delivered his side of the situation to the council Monday while firing away at Plano Director of Building, Planning and Zoning Tom Karpus. 

After the couple departed the meeting, Karpus later addressed the issue during his agenda listed report and alderman Ben Eaton’s claim of unequal ordinance enforcement by the city. 

When committee reports came up, Eaton wanted an answer from Karpus.

Previously Eaton had advised Salsbery that the couple should seek an attorney.

Last Friday, the homeowner Michelle Walz was issued a legal action notice for an adjudication court hearing. Mayor Hausler said the city’s legal action will proceed despite next week’s committee meeting with Walz. Because of pending litigation, Hausler and Grant maintained a no comment approach.

You can listen to Mark Harrington's radio story below: