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Earlville Police Department.

The Earlville Police Department says Officer Jesus Alonzo has a long road to recovery after a crash that happened during a chase over the weekend. Officer Alonzo was helping a LaSalle County Deputy with a traffic stop on Route 34 when the vehicle fled. Alonzo's police vehicle crashed on Route 34 near the Meriden Township Building. He is now at home recovering with his family.

Alonzo damaged two vertebrae in his neck, suffered a concussion, and other injuries as a result of the crash. The police department says that Alonzo has not been paralyzed because of the fractured vertebrae.

Alonzo is a part time officer with the Earville Police Department and a mechanic by trade. He's been with the department for eleven years and is married with children. Earlville Chief of Police Darin Crask says Alonzo has the full support of the City of Earlville in his recovery.