Plano City Hall

When it comes to electrical power outages, Commonwealth Edison representative Geroge Gaulrapp, who is the former mayor of Freeport, said issues have been resolved in the Churchill Farms Subdivision and area off Needham Road. This is what he told the Plano City Council this week.

There have been seven outages since 2018, two resulting from lightning strikes, one by an ice storm and another by a summer derecho last August, he said.

But Gaulrapp explained those flickerings, called momentaries.

In Plano, ComEd wires are those at the top of the pole. Red tags on poles means the pole has 10 more years of usage and no other utility can use the pole. Tree trimming or removal will continue in the Plano area in the winter months. Updating transmission lines and their features are always ongoing, Gaultrapp said. City crews for Plano also monitor the poles and lines.

He talked about how residents can check on outages at the ComEd website.

For damaged or spoiled foods, residents can file a claim with the ComEd claim department for a decision.

Finally, in another report, the city says 73 single-family housing permits were issued in 2020. In addition, city funds will receive a nearly $17,000 boost of missing Comcast franchise fees obtained from the city-hired Avazar recapture company in its first year.