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Grundy Economic Development Facebook Photo 

Morris State Senator Sue Rezin says there aren't any updates on legislation to keep nuclear power plants in Morris and Byron open. The two plants are slated to close this year. The Byron plant could start closing down as early as September.

Rezin says Exelon, the company that runs the two plants, is looking for something to show that there could be legislation to help keep the facilities profitable.

Rezin says that the coal industry is on its way out already, but thinks that natural gas ought not be on the chopping block so soon. The current energy bill involves reducing use of coal and natural gas.

Rezin says there's already essentially an agreement on the nuclear portion of an energy bill, but says it would be difficult to break it out into a separate bill.

Rezin is also concerned that the Braidwood nuclear power plant could be next if the Morris and Byron plants are shut down. Rezin says the closing of the plants will have a major impact on the local economy and result in the loss of thousands of jobs.